I think my favorite canes to make are kaleidoscope canes as they appear very intricate and use LOTS of colors.  As you’ve probably guessed from the title and decor of this web site, I really, really like colors.  



I also enjoy making flower canes, although I’ve discovered over the years that I am a bit of a realist and prefer realistic looking flowers over fantasy flowers.  


I like these                                I don’t like these




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I also enjoy making other types of canes, fish, butterflies, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  

I enjoy making all kinds of things with polymer clay, but my favorite is making canes.  Making canes is something I find challenging and intriguing.  Polymer clay is so much fun to work with, with its fantastic array of colors and instant gratification.  


This page will be devoted to polymer clay canes, although other techniques may show up in the “On My Table” page.  

People often ask me, “How can I get started making canes?”  It’s individual for each person.  My best advice is to just jump in and start playing.  If you mess up you can always squish it up and start again.  I do advise, though, that you start with the basics, rather than the way I did.  Here is a picture of my second cane.  It was way too intricate for a second cane, but I’ve always been an over achiever and I sure learned a lot from it.